Responsible Gaming

We Are Advocates of Responsible Gaming

Here at Turbo Casino, we endeavour to give our players the best all-round online casino experiences. Playing online casino games, especially our high-quality ones, is entertaining! However, playing these games (including slots, live games and table games) only stays fun when players game responsibly. Keeping your gaming at a responsible and affordable level is important, not just for you, but for all parties involved. When you play within your limits, you maximise the fun and increase the entertainment value! We have systems in place, at Turbo Casino, that allow you to place limits on your account. We want you to game in the fast lane but we don’t want you to get a ticket! We love welcoming new players to Turbo Casino and we want to see players coming back again and again! Long-term player relationships are important to us. On top of all of our other services, we want to ensure that you enjoy each and every experience with us by advocating responsible gaming and enabling you to limit your gameplay with our easy-to-use systems.

Turbo Casino’s Tools Help Tackle Responsible Gaming

We support players’ efforts in gaming responsibly by empowering them to control the way they game. Turbo Casino players have various tools available to them which help them regulate their gameplay by setting limits on their accounts. The limits are simple to set and can be done so by the players themselves in their personal account section on Turbo Casino’s website. As a Turbo Casino player, you will be able to apply:
Deposit Limits,
Loss Limits,
Bet Limits and Time Limits.
Any one of these limits can be set to stay active on your account for a day, a week or a month. If you have a bet, loss, deposit or a time limit set on your account and you want to decrease it, you can do so with immediate effect. If, however you have one of these limits set on your account and you wish to increase it, you will have to wait 1 day for the increased limit to be effectuated. This ‘cooling-off’ period is intended to protect players. In addition to the above limits you can set on your Turbo Casino account, you can utilise our ‘Take a Break’ system. This system lets you place a ‘time-out’ on your Turbo Casino account. While a ‘time-out’ is active on your account, you will still be able to log in but you will not be able to deposit anything or make a wager on any of our games. You can a time-out for 24 hours, a week, a month or 6 weeks. If you have placed a time-out on your account and you wish to cancel it, you will need to wait 24 hours before the time-out is removed. If you feel as though placing limits and/or time-outs on your Turbo Casino account simply isn’t enough, you can elect to self-exclude for a period of time. A self-exclusion can be enabled for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 5 years. During your chosen period of self-exclusion, you will not be able to gain access to your Turbo Casino Account. We will also do our best to ensure that no other account is opened by you. Neither will we contact you with news of our promotions. Don’t forget that we have a dedicated support team who can assist you in setting limits or placing time-outs on your account, as well as aiding you in your efforts to self-exclude. Our support team are well-trained and will be able to help you quickly. You can get in touch with them any day of the week, all-year-round, over e-mail, phone and live-chat.

Underage Gaming

Underage gambling is a no-go at Turbo Casino and we do not accept underage players. Underage gaming is illegal and Turbo Casino has a strict, zero-tolerance policy. We have advanced procedures in place which help us know our customers and prevent underage gameplay. Anyone underage found using Turbo Casino will have their account terminated and will be reported to the relevant authorities. There are various tools available for parents and guardians who are wishing to do something to help prevent underage gambling at home. For some help and some third-party advice, please visit:

Problem Gambling and Advice

Even though we do have all of these systems in place to help you keep your gambling at a responsible level, if you feel as though you have or may have a gambling problem, please do get in touch and let us know. We have well-trained support staff who can help you and assist you in these matters. Our highly-trained, multilingual support team at Turbo Casino are available all day, every day. Turbo Casino players can get in touch via Live Chat on the Turbo casino website, so long as they are logged into their account. This is usually the quickest and most convenient method of contacting them. Otherwise, support is also readily available over the phone or over e-mail. Over and above telling us about your gambling problem at Turbo Casino, we also highly recommend that you get in touch with an independent, specialist organisation who can give your further assistance and advice. Please follow the relevant links below to find out more about what these organisations can do for you:
Enjoy a world-class